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I’m a soup lover and make most from scratch, especially in the Fall and Winter, but I’m not averse to having a quick Campbell’s Cup-a-soup, a canned Habitant Pea Soup or one of the Knorr envelope Cream soups at other times of the year, or even during homemade soup and stew season.  They fill a […]

OBSERVATION: I cannot ever remember a time when people took interest in elections and/or referendums taking place in other countries. The Brexit vote, the U.S. election, the recent election in The Netherlands, the Turkish election and now the election in France sure have heightened that interest. Regardless of who your preference is, this is good […]

Picked up some fresh Wild Pacific Cod (skinless) from Costco yesterday to have for our Good Friday evening meal. Each piece was about ¾-1″ thick and I trimmed off the thinner tail end on two of them. I didn’t toss that out though and simply flash fried them at the end. I rinsed each piece […]

It’s Spring folks, although you wouldn’t know it in some places. Newfoundland got hit with two snow blizzards in a row dumping 60+cm of the white stuff each time. Under normal circumstances though Spring is a time whereby once again fresh fruits start to become abundant at your local market and outdoor stands will soon take […]

Dire Straits released 6 studio albums between 1977 and 1991. Five were recorded before their first breakup in 1988 and one more (On Every Street) in 1991 when Mark Knopfler resurrected the band. He finally left for good after the release of Live at the BBC in 1995. The first five albums (Dire Straits – […]

While bone-in hams are tastier, they are also quite a bit larger and I thereby only make one on special occasions when we are a good sized group for dinner. Thanksgiving and Christmas obviously come to mind. For other times I just buy a good quality precooked or ready-serve Boneless Ham. The other day I […]

For a country with a population of only 36.3 million people it has produced/introduced some of the most popular and influential musicians/artists in popular culture. It cannot lay claim to bands such as The Beatles (UK) or The Beach Boys (US), but it more than holds its own with individual singer/songwriters and musicians. There is […]